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04 Aug 2009 | THE ULTIMATE FAB GUEST STAR: REB BEACH FROM WHITESNAKE!!! - (News of 14 December 2007)

Mind Key are immensely proud to announce the final, EXTRAORDINARY contribution.

The photo needs no introduction, but we are so excited to announce the presence on the upcoming album of Mr. REB BEACH, guitar Hero of legendary hard Rock/class Metal Bands like

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04 Aug 2009 | 2° GREAT GUEST STAR: TOM ENGLUND OF EVERGREY!!! - (News of 14 November 2007)

Mind Key are truly pleased to announce the second amazing contribution on the upcoming album: TOM S. ENGLUND, leader of the Prog-Metal Gods

Big Tom has gifted us a powerful duo (with our new singer....we'll announce him soon!) on new song called "GRAVEHEART".

Mind Key would like to thank him and announce that he will be another amazing guest. We are looking forward to show you this other big appearence!

Keep in touch.

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04 Aug 2009 | IT'S TRUE. DEREK SHERINIAN ON NEW MIND KEY ALBUM!!!!! - (News of 31 August 2007)
We are so excited to announce that one of the most important keyboard wizards in the world will be part of our upcoming album: non other than MR. DEREK SHERINIAN!
He accepted to perform an amazing solo on our "Citizen of Greed". We'd like to thank him so much to gift us a touch of his class.

We also want to announce that maybe this won't be the only guest appearance on our new work. We could give you more news really soon.

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04 Aug 2009 | Recording Update from MIND KEY CAMP! - (News of 30 April 2007)
Mind Key completed the instrumental section of the recordings of the highly anticipated new studio album at the GDS Studios based in Naples. It's
finally possible to show an hypothetical track-list for upcoming album to you all:

1)Sunset Highway
2)Eye of a Stranger
3)Citizen of Greed
4)Crusted Memories
5)Dead Fame Hunter(Dead Poets Society)
6)The Island (Ventotene)
8)The Seventh Seal
9)Now Until Forever
10)A New Generation

Mind Key has also recorded a strings quartet section for "A New Generation" song with Quartetto Flegreo (Alex Britti, E.Bennato, Claudio Baglioni).
The next steps will be the vocals recording section and final Mixing Part.Stay always tuned!

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04 Aug 2009 | Habemus Poland in stores! - (News Of 14 December 2006)
Official News! The dvd Habemus Poland - Live In Katowice will be in stores across Europe on the 18th December!

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