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31 Aug 2009 | LUCIO GRILLI JOINS MK!!!

We are truly excited to announce that we've finally found our new bass player. After a reharsaling period we have chosen Lucio Grilli (Soul Secret) as our new "5th ELEMENT"!! Lucio has enthusiastically accepted MK offer saying: "Joining Mind Key is a great opportunity for me, I'm really happy to have been chosen, to have completely convinced the guys. What I can say? I hope to repay their trust in the future!!! Surely this experience will expand my musical horizons: confronting myself with other musicians can only improve me!!!"

In the meantime, the COMPLETE BAND is setting some dates for their upcoming tour to promote new album "PULSE FOR A GRAVEHEART".
Stay tuned!!

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Hi guys, welcome to MK Official Website. We've completely revamped the layout for the release of Pulse For A Graveheart. We hope you like it!!!

C U Soon

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05 Aug 2009 | "PULSE FOR A GRAVEHEART" IN JAPAN! - (News of 22 July 2009)
MIND KEY are so proud to announce the JAPANESE RELEASE of the new successful album "PULSE FOR A GRAVEHEART".

The album will be out tomorrow July the 23th on KING RECORDS!!
MK would like to thank all the people at FRONTIERS RECORDS for their extraordinary promotion work!!!

Click here for all the details!!!


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05 Aug 2009 | E. COLELLA RASHGUITAR SIGNATURE MODEL ! - (News of 14 July 2009)
Hi Everybody,

We are so proud to announce that new "EMANUELE COLELLA SIGNATURE MODEL '09" produced by RASHGUITAR is finally READY TO STRIKE!!!!

Here are some pics from final construction set!

Some pics from EMANUELE's photo session are available too


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05 Aug 2009 | I-TUNES & FRONTIERS REC. JULY RELEASES TRAILER - (News of 7 July 2009)
New album "PULSE FOR A GRAVEHEART" is now also available on line by the I-TUNES digital music store.

You can check the album on I-TUNES SPOT in the Rock/Metal Store.

First album "JOURNEY OF A ROUGH DIAMOND" is available on I-TUNES too.

You can also take a look to the Frontiers July 2009 releases trailer. We are there....
Check it out here!!!

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