~Bass Guitar~

Birthdate: August 14th, 1982
Birthplace: Villaricca, Naples, Italy

Career History: I started to play bass quite "late", I was seventeen, in the high-school years. My first and only teacher was Corrado Calignano, with whom I studied for almost one year and I discovered the great universe of the bass guitar. Then I continued my studies as a self-taught. I played bass in some rock-metal band in my town in the past years. Almost five years ago I started my first important musical project, Soul Secret, that I left in February 2010.

Favourite Bands & Artists: Toto, Dream Theater, ARK, Circus Maximus, Giant, Survivor, Metallica, Mr. Big, Whitesnake, Dio, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Jorn Lande, Signal, Phil Collins, Annie Lennox, Pantera, Neal Morse, Megadeth, Europe, Iron Maiden, Liquid Tension Experiment, Chick Corea Elektric Band, Rush, Kansas, Van Halen, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Lionel Ritchie, Sting & The Police, Jamiroquai, Michael Bolton, Tori Amos, Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald, Richard Marx, Gino Vannelli, Earth Wind & Fire, Harem Scarem, Bad English, Journey, Simply Red, Eric Johnson, Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits, Jeff Buckley, Queen, Alanis Morrisette, Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Johnson, Ludovico Einaudi, Fabrizio De Andrθ.

Favourite Bassists: Tony Levin, Mike Porcaro, Nathan East, Stuart Zender, Thomas Miller, Dave Larue, Cliff Burton, Randy Coven, Billy Sheehan, John Myung, Steve Harris, Saturnino, Faso, Massimo Moriconi.

Fab Five Band: Michael Bolton/Jorn Lande (vocals), Steve Lukather (Guitars), Jim Peterik/David Paich (keyboards), Nathan East (Bass), Jeff Porcaro (drums).

Favourite Albums: TOTO – Isolation / Fahrenheit / Tambu; ARK – Burn The Sun; GIANT – Time to burn / Last Of The Runaways / III; IRON MAIDEN – Iron Maiden; DEEP PURPLE – Machine Head; DREAM THEATER – Images and Words / Awake / Falling Into Infnity / Scenes From A Memory; SYMPHONY X – The Divine Wings of Tragedy; WHITESNAKE - Slip Of The Tongue / 1987; MR. BIG – Lean into It / Bump Ahead; MICHAEL BOLTON – Soul Provider / The Hunger; VAN HALEN - 1984 / 5150; CIRCUS MAXIMUS - The First Chapter; PHIL COLLINS - ...Hits; METALLICA - Master Of Puppets; RUSH - Moving Pictures; KANSAS - Point Of Know Return; HAREM SCAREM - Mood Swings; SIGNAL - Loud And Clear; DARE - Out Of The Silence; JOURNEY - Frontiers; BAD ENGLISH - Bad English.

Personal live gear:

  • Bass: Yamaha RBX JM 6 Strings Bass / Yamaha TRB 1006 6 Strings Bass;
  • Amp: Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head;
  • Speakers: Ashdown MAG 115 DEEP Cabinet (1x15"); Ashdown MAG 210T DEEP Cabinet (2x10");
  • Effects: AKAI Hexacomp / Boss CEB3 Bass Chorus / Ibanez LU20.

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